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    Domain transfers out of 1&1 1and1

    I'm in the process of moving 12 domains from 1&1 and forgot exactly how I did it before.. The process was easy but there is some confusion due to their packaging system and how it works coupled with their uncomprehensive help/faq.

    HOW TO TRANSFER A DOMAIN FROM 1&1 ( 1and1 ) :
    1. Login to and unlock domain(s) to transfer
    2. Use the "Info" selection to acquire the Auth Code for each domain to be transferred -- these are needed for confirmations during the remaining process
    3. Adjust DNS as desired if needed - some say setting the DNS to the 1&1 defaults speeds things up. However it may be 6 or 1/2 dozen as DNS changes at 1&1 are pretty slow to happen.
    4. Turn off Private WHOIS if enabled (wait for it to propagate)
    5. Make sure the WHOIS E-Mail addresses are correct
    6. Initiate the transfer request(s) at gaining registrar
    7. Confirm e-mail/links as needed to complete transfer(s)

    (optional) - I've used 8 & 9 before and it worked fine. It's not real clear how "cancel" may effect a transfer from 1&1. It's possible to initiate & confirm a transfer approval this way apparently - seems to queue/prepare 1&1 for a request from another registrar and perhaps speed the process up. In this case the steps I guess would be 8,9,6,7 or 6,8,9,7 order.. Using this cancel facility seems pretty safe as there are confirmations to protect accidents. One thing I think the cancel website is surly for is to expidite removal of empty "Packages" from your 1&1 control panel that could linger around otherwise.

    A few months ago I transferred 30+ domains from 1&1. I had to reinitiate the transfer of a couple that I forgot to wait for the private whois to fully disable. I did use the 1&1 cancel site then but forget exactly the order that I used. I am fairly certain that I initiated the transfer request at the gaining registrar before using the 1&1 cancel site.

    I didn't have to use any non-internet methods (faxing) to complete the transfers. The fact that I am in the USA, have my visa on file with them and registered the domains at the US branch of 1&1 may have been the lubrication that avoided faxing.

    *NOTE* Complications arise if you try and transfer a domain which you have gotten free of charge with hosting services. I have never had that situation to deal with. Hence it is probably best to NOT take advantage of their free domains included with hosting -- at very least you should understand fully how the domain(s) are tied to the hosting, and how to move them away, if it's even possible.

    Finally here is a useful link for most accuratly checking your 1&1 whois:

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Manager
    *NOTE* Complications arise if you try and transfer a domain which you have gotten free of charge with hosting services. I have never had that situation to deal with. Hence it is probably best to NOT take advantage of their free domains included with hosting -- at very least you should understand fully how the domain(s) are tied to the hosting, and how to move them away, if it's even possible.
    There is no difference in how 1&1 handles outgoing transfer between included and additional domains.

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    I'd suggest you first transfer, SUCCESSFULLY, and if then 1and1 does not cancel the contract automatically, then you may do so manually.

    I would strongly suggest NOT to cancel any contracts when the domain is with 1and1 as you may risk or losing the domain. I have heard cases where clients at 1and1 cancel their contract just to find out that once the contract is canceled they have no right to whatever was under the contract, this includes domains.
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    thank you for the great tutorial
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    I don't see how to edit my initial message anymore so I wanted to follow up with a little bit of extra stuff I tried and such.

    Firstly I had various domains that were also being transferred from RegisterFly, initiated 3 days later than those that I did with 1&1.

    Note that I manually initaited each domain transfer separatly without using the bulk transfer option. I felt this was more resilient to problems that might arise. Also since I'd seen individual failures in the past I didn't want to chance that a bulk transfer might be an ALL or NOTHING kind of process..

    Transfers from RegisterFly are absolutely painless and the 20+ that I initiated on 9-Jan-2007 were all completed on 11-Jan-2007 -- This perhaps spoiled me since it was fast. Note that like 1&1 it's IMPERATIVE that any private WHOIS be absoluetely OFF before starting a transfer. Especially with 1&1 if you happen to use the CANCEL.1AND1.COM facility since the package/domain will become unaccessable in the control panel. I had a previous problem like that since their system is so slow to update things -- turned off private whois and assumed it was off when it was not done processing.. duh. Took me a MONTH to get the mess straightened out. Sure glad I was making the transfers several months before any expiration dates!

    ..anyhow on 6-Jan-2007 I initiated 12 transfers from 1&1. On the 9th I decided to experiment with 4 domains and use the page for them afterwhich I re-sent the applications of transfer via a new request from the gaining registrar -- I figured that once 'cancelled' it might clear the queue of previous transfer requests..

    On the 11th and 12th transfers began to trickle in from 1and1, for whatever reason all .ORG came in first.. Followed by .COM .NET pairs. All but one .COM domain were completed. Since it was a mixture of domains that I had cancelled Vs. not, and the fact that I didn't experiment using the cancel vs. not all begining at the same date I really can't conclude that there is any pro/cons in speed. One thing I think the perhaps should simply be avoided. It tends to confuse matters and comes off sounding very final/scary.

    The one final domain I am waiting on from 1and1 is perhaps going to trickle in. I may have compliacted things by both using the cancel process with it and by opening up communications with the tech support people.


    Calling 1and1 tech support should be avoided for sanity sake unless you are very confident there IS a problem and it's not just part of the slow processing there... They will probably tell you as they did me that you need to use the page to transfer away a domain which is obviously not accurate.

    The process is mostly a way to get billing stopped for unwanted packages.. It may also serve as a 1-STOP SHOP to transfer out a domain IF using it all by itself..

    EG: perhaps combining separate steps into 1..

    1. unlocks the domain
    2. removes orpahned package once transfer is complete

    It's not clear to me if it handles turning off private whois or not..

    Bottom line is that I feel that steps 8 & 9 are best left out of the transfer process. Simply wait for the slow process at 1and1 to get things done. Once your domains are secure at the new registrar then use the cancel page at 1and1 if needed to clean out the left over domains/packages.

    Lastly it is perhaps better to move step #1 between steps #5 and #6 just for the logic of it... No need to have a domain unlocked with inaccurate WHOIS information still present.

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    thanks im going to goto namecheap i hate these guys

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    thanks, i got a few names on 1and1 that i need to sell soon... much appreciated info.
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    I have around 6 domains which i need to transfer from

    Should I go with godaddy or namecheap ?

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    Thanks for explaining.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Farrukh View Post

    I have around 6 domains which i need to transfer from

    Should I go with godaddy or namecheap ?

    I would go with Godaddy.. i have used then for years and they have great customer service. You can always call them up and speak to a live person. 1and1 is absolute HELLL!! i would not recommend them to my enemies.

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    I have 140 domains at 1and1 and now I'm thinking to move them somewhere else, just can't handle bad service from 1and1 anymore...

    wish me good luck

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    Ok, good luck

    Remember not to cancel anything until the domains are confirmed as being well away from 1and1.

    The transfers may take a bit longer than you normally see. Don't get impatient and take chances.

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    My steps for moving 1and1 domains to Dreamhost

    Several months back 1and1 canceled my account with no reason given. The only responses I got from their legal department referred me to a paragraph in the contract that they could terminate service at any time without reason, as long as they gave 30 days notice. None of my domains housed any illegal or adult content - certainly not illegal in the United States, and I was registered through their American presence. As best as I can tell, if 1and1 doesn't like your content, they will boot you.

    Here are the steps I used to transfer domains:

    1. Update Name Servers for domain to point to Dreamhost nameservers.
    2. Update WHOIS info to contain valid email contact info for domain, if needed.
    3. Unlock domain.
    4. select option(s) for domain to "Change Provider" / "ASAP".
    5. Get auth code for domain transfer (it's the same auth code as from
    6. Request confirmation email if you used alternate contact info for WHOIS for domain.
    7. <In my "regular" email account>: Receive 1and1's email and click the link within to confirm your request. *
    8. Perform registration transfer using auth code.
    9. <In my "WHOIS-listed" email account>: Receive Dreamhost's email and click link to confirm.
    10. Set domain to lock and auto-renew (optional).

    * For at least one of my domains, the confirmation email(s) from 1and1 went to the "Messages" mailbox found in in addition to/instead of going to my regular email account.
    NOTE: If moving multiple domains at once, you may wish to note the "Process Numbers" as soon as they appear in the Status/Undo columns in and relate them to a particular domain cancellation. Otherwise, there's not a good way to tell what cryptic domain cancellation order number in belongs to which domain.

    1and1 did an OK job while I was with them. The support is non-existent, but that's OK if you can take care of yourself. What is *not* OK is when they boot you from their servers with little notice without telling you why, and then you're dealing with non-English speaking phone support techs who are reading from a script in their honest-but-feeble attempt to help you while the clock is ticking on your domains. It's worth noting that Dreamhost is based in California, and if your content is legal in California, you can host it with them. Period. BTW, I'm not shilling for Dreamhost's affiliate program. To prove it, I won't include a coupon code. (Actually, I don't have any.)

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    We are also having a problem with a straight forward transfer of a domain from 1and1Internet. We our client received a doman transfer authorization code assigned by 1 and 1 Internet, but they refuse to honor it. Instead they say the domain has been canceled 9 months before the expiration date and want a $40 redemption fee and form that we can't even pay, be cause it is required to be supplied by the original owner.

    Anyone know anything about arbitration for transfers?

    See also:

    Suggestions? Ideas?

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    thanks for your tutorial.. because i'm little confuse how to transfer out my domain from 1and1

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