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    Question Looking for an OpenVZ Template for FC6-64 Bit

    Hi, I'm experimenting with OpenVZ and it's a little buggy. Support for 64 bit templates is a little on the weak side. But there are some Centos 64 bit templates that I can download an work.

    But - I'd like to get a Fedora Core 6 template that's 64 bit. Or - I'd settle for any FCx 64 bit template. Also wondering how you would make one.
    Marc Perkel
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    You may be better posting to openvz mailing list. It's frequented by the developers and some helpful users. They'll sort out the bugs you're finding if you report them.
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    Hello ,

    Last time i had a problem i simply post it in their forum they answered and fixed all bugs for me really quickly !

    -Good luck,
    Navid N
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    Yes their support is good for users.
    I dont think anyone may help you here with that issue.

    G Luck.

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