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    Question: Dell PowerEdge

    i notice the Dell do not configure the on board SATA to any RAID unless you purchase add on RAID adapter.

    does this mean you can't configure it yourself? do dell poweredge onboard SATA controller support any RAID at all? do dell allow you to configure it yourself or you must purchase the add on RAID adapter?


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    The onboard controller will work fine for you and you can create a RAID0 or RAID1 with it.

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    Post Onboard RAID

    On some of the older PE servers a lot of the RAID processing was handed off to the CPU which I support is why they offer the hardware card option (and more RAID levels). If your server is not under heavy CPU load and you do not have high r/rw thrashing your disks then the on-board controller is fine, we have one running for 2+ years now.
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    Most boards have RAID levels now, but they are still considered "software" RAID, as they are not true HW RAID.

    Another draw back is most Linux support is absent, however, for Windows, the platform works ratherly nicely, and is a cost effective/performance effective solution to rather just running a pure raid from the OS.

    You will have to hit F6 during the install, load the drivers for the raid controller, and you should be off to the races. When BIOS boots, you will have the opportunity to go in and configure the level of RAID you are interested in.
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    We have been have problems with the on-board RAID controllers on some of our server. Just last night we had a raid controller failure (onboard mb). Good thing this was only a development server for our use. Has anyone else been having any RAID controller failures? This isn't our first failure either...
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