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    Red face Hi Everyone. This is Lawrence from Hong Kong

    oopss.....I lost the passage I just typed!!! That's because I saw those nice and friedly smilies on the right of my screen, clicked on them and submit, but the system said I need to post at least 5 message before I can use this!! oh no!~
    then I lost all I've typed when I go back!~

    Newbies, take care and don't repeat my mistake

    And here's my introduction:
    A guy from Hong Kong who tried 3-4 hosting service in these 2 years and want to share some opinions here about the quality of some hosting service ~~

    motivation of sign-up:
    I got bad experience with DPMS hosting and they still not re-fund to me, although they claimed to have 90-days money back gurantee... who can help me?!?!
    For details please see my other posts

    Finally, nice to meet you guys

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    Welcome and enjoy your stay

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    thank you!

    where are you from, and are you currently using any hosting service?

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    I'm from Canada. Currently I use as hosting provider.

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    Saw your thread just now but no time to said hi to you.

    Here is a welcome from me

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