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    Talking $50 per paying customer: web hosting sales consultant

    BQ Internet is looking for a few people to act as sales consultants to acquire web hosting customers for us. We are willing to pay $50 per paying customer for our Basic web hosting accounts (client pays $10/month or $100/year). A sales consultant who finds 2 customers per day, 5 days per week, would make approximately $500 per week. This may also be done part time if you do not wish to spend as much time. This is not an employed position, but rather a consultancy. If you are interested, send us a PM, or email [email protected]

    BQ Internet Corporation
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    good luck selling 50MB space and 1GB BW for $10/month

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    I know this is a little offtopic and I don't mean this in a bad way, but you should strongly consider getting a new more professional design for your website. Keep in mind that your website is what represents you and your services to your visitors and helps turning visitors into customers.

    Have a good day.

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    I have used BQInternet over the past years, and the speed is almost unbelievable.

    Upload and Download speeds via the FTP server is about 3x as much as the average web host (such as Hostway and MCHost-- Both of which I have used).

    I have not requested for customer support, so I don't know how well it is.

    But if you're looking for reliability and performace, BQInternet outperforms almost all 98% of web hosts.

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    Yes... but price is king...

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    Just to let you know something. may not have the best looking site but their services are great. Like progex said they are very fast and reliable and have great uptime.

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