We are currently taking some clients to provide our web/print design & development. You can view some of our work at www.darwix.com

We provide services such as:

Web Design - Brochure Websites, E commerce Websites, Web site templates etc..
Web Development - XHTML, CSS, PHP/MySQL, JavaScript/AJAX.
Print & Identity - Logos, Brochures, flyers etc..
Illustrations - Mascots, Full Illustrations etc..

A little about us:

Darwix since its inauguration, has been providing the highest quality in print and design media. Darwix prides itself in providing its customers these high qualityproducts and competitive prices. Our attention to detail and assurance of customer satisfaction sets us above and apart from our respective competitors. Though there is an abundance of large design firms, costs can inflate to large amounts whereas in Darwix we continue to produce quality results which can contend with those of other firms, and we can give you this product at much lower costs.

Our Goal

With the ever increasing prominence of rich media on the World Wide Web, we comprehend the fact that your business needs to project its image in a clear and concise way to its clients. Not only is Darwix a firm which will put out media which is attractive to a viewer, we work with you to determine your target audience and the best way in which we can produce a product which will be able to project your company optimally. We take pride in understanding our clients and their specific needs so that in turn we will produce more effective media. Your image is everything in today’s marketplace, where competition continues to increase at a rapid rate. We fully realize this and can provide an outline of solutions to set you apart from your competitors and help you attract clients to make your business successful. We do not only work to provide “eye candy”, we work with you to give you what you want. And we will continue to work with you to revise and improve our product so that it meets your satisfaction and more importantly the satisfaction of your target audience.

How to get in touch? - Get a Free Quote

To get in touch with us simply PM us through the forums or e-mail me personally at [email protected]. We can also speak to you through messengers like MSN/Yahoo/Aim or by phone.

Best Regards,
Imad Darwish