I have a package of "mosso" related hosting domains for sale.

I no longer have time for this idea, but what I was planning when I registered them was to offer hosting to end-customers who wanted a website hosted on the mosso.com system, but did not need/want to pay for an entire reseller account.

For example, if you are an individual website owner and want to host your site on mosso.com.. currently the only way to do this is purchase a reseller account from mosso.com. What I was thinking is to market a hosting plan directly to the end-website-owner, using the mosso.com name brand and sales info, so that the website-owner wouldn't have to pay for a big reseller plan when they only needed a single website.

I think the idea has a lot of potential for someone who is able to target their market and show that mosso.com is a good solution for the end-website-owner, etc..

The following domains are available as a package for $75: