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    Up Front Costs - What do I need

    Ok, so because of everyone's great advice and some somewhat exhaustive research, I think I have decided to go with and their entry level reseller plan.

    Now the question is this... What up front costs am I looking at realistically? Obviously there is the $20 for the hosting plan; I assume I will need an SSL license so my clients can conduct business securely from my website. That is probably another $20 or so. What would be needed to resell domain names. I think I saw somehwere that enum requires $100 up front. It sure would be nice to offer domain names without the up front cash.

    Is there anything else I have missed? Is there anyway around the up front cash to resell domain names?

    Thanks for all the input.

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    If you are really serious of entering the business

    billing software = 20-25 / month
    support software = there are freeware as well as paid. (Paid usually better)
    chat software = do you need chat support for your client?
    support fees = are out outsourcing or doing it yourself?
    enom = 100 min
    SSL = price varies depending on your needs.

    legal aspects
    business license = 45-90 (depending on the county)
    DBA license = varies from county to county
    merchant account or 3rd party ? = fees are different on your decision. This is how you collect money.

    marketing expenses
    ppc = pay per click
    affiliate = how much will you pay per customer
    SEO = doing it yourself or hiring someone?

    These are the only things that come to mind but there are several others.
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