G'day Guys,

I am now available near full time and am seeking full / part time jobs in either:

-Customer Support
-Technical Support
-Company Management / Business Growth
-Public Relations

I am NOT interested in commission based sales work.

Previous experience includes a freelance web developer, running / managing a previous website hosting and game server business, being active in offline ventures such as YAA, being a team Manager in 2005 and a mentor in 2006 and most recently a manager in a direct marketing firm, where I was not only one of the top two highest selling reps but held responsibilities in the recruitment and training of my team.

Qualifications include a Certificate 2 in Information Technology and qualifications in Customer Service from two separate institutions.

Interested Parties can PM / E-mail me for my full resume.

I am currently located in Australia, and am not looking to re-locate. I would prefer an hourly rate over a per ticket rate (for jobs like customer support). I am able to work near any shift remotely.

Thank You,
Alex B