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    Upgrading the server, or purchase another

    We currently have a Celeron 2.4GHz with 1GB ram from ServerMatrix and was thinking of upgrading.

    We have about 80-100+ concurrent users 24/7 and with a new Microsoft campaign coming up, we'll get a lot more. I've been in contact with some of the other sites thats in the same campaign, and they have had an increase of 5-800 concurrent connections when the banner has been up on their pages and if we going to get more users, we definitely have to update.

    So I actually have two questions.

    1) In the apache config, we currently have 150 max connections. When we have 150 connections will number 151 just get a "maximum connections" message, or will the server just ignore it? With the current setup, how many users should my server handle? We're running a standard php+mysql frontpage which mostly does select queries from a database and vBulletin forums with 80-100 people online all the time.

    2) I know we probably cant afford to get a new server to handle up to 800 concurrent users, but it would help since we're going closer to the limit every day. But since we're already upgrading, would it be best to:

    a) Buy another server with the same setup and setup some sort of balancing system to handle connections.. that means 2 x Celeron 2.4GHz with 1GB ram. Any pros/cons with this? And do we need to purchase another cPanel/WHM license for this?


    b) Upgrade the current server to Super Athlon64 3200+ - 2GB Ram.

    When needing more concurrent connections, whats the most important thing.
    Is it the CPU or Ram?

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    Upgrading to a single server with more ram would be the cheaper way to go.

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    Both options costs the same, so we would choose the one which will give us the best performance...

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    Load-balancing with CPanel can get messy. And yes, you'd need another CPanel license.

    I'd suggest upgrading to a faster server. I'd also suggest asking their sales people for a better deal, because that pricing isn't very competitive. LayeredTech currently offer a Pentium D 920 (dual-core) with 2GB of memory, 2 160GB drives, and 2TB of bandwidth for the same price as that basic Athlon 64 package.

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    I would get another server!

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