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    Quick html/php job needed...$30!

    Hello everyone, I just need someone to quickly create an html (prefferably php) with the following specifications:

    I want this to look as nice as possible but don't really need extra graphics..

    Each spec should have a blank box (the specs where I put the ____) for it for the user to enter information into and some specs should have YES/NO radio buttons for them to choose, and at the end there should be a 'SUBMIT' button where it will email it to a specified address (which I will put in myself), in a 3rd column next to each spec there should be a drop down box with the names (xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx) which I will specify later, I need this done ASAP, thanks.

    Requested by: ___________
    Employee name: ___________
    Start Date: ___________
    Job title: ___________
    Employee/Consultant: ___________
    Manager's name: ___________
    Windows account needed? ___________
    Email access? YES/NO
    Phone access? YES/NO
    Jabber access? YES/NO
    Webex access? YES/NO
    Salesforce? YES/NO
    Distribution lists to be added to?
    Quickbooks? YES/NO
    Firewall access? YES/NO
    Additional notes: ___________

    SUBMIT button

    Now once submitted it should goto an email address which I will specify later only with the options that were selected, etc.

    email me at [email protected] ASAP if you can do this!

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    HTML/PHP job

    I just sent you an e-mail; I can definitely do this job for you, and relatively quickly too. Please let me know if you don't get my e-mail or if you have any questions. I can get started right away if you would like.


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    I can do it

    i can do that for you, i have that code but i'll make some modifies for you

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