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    Silly SSL Question.

    For many years I've been buying my SSL Cert for $49 from EV1 -- which is now being done via Needless to say I was having some issues with the EV1 method for some reason and I decided to go with the GoDaddy TurboSSL (10 year plan.)

    So. Here's my question. When I completed the certification process I was sent a zip file. In the zip file there are two certs, one that is "sf_issuing" and one that is for my domain. (And a third file which is a readme.

    What I would like to know is usually I would just copy and paste the single cert to my host and that would be that. This time, what do I sent my host? The one for my domain? I need to make it very easy for them so I don't end up paying more...

    Any help would be appreicated.

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    What does the readme say?

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    Sounds like GoDaddy sold you a chained certificate... not uncommon.

    You host will need both if they don't already have the chained certificate installed.

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    Will that work any better or worse than the one I use to pay $49 a year for? This one, after godaddy coupon worked out to $12.99 a year.

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    It will work just as well as the EV1 cert. The SF file simply verifies that the SSL issuer was a valid provider.

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