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Thread: Sles 9 Sp3

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    Sles 9 Sp3

    I am installing SUSE version 9 with SP3 and when the install reboots it comes up with an error.

    fsck failed Please repair manually and reboot. The root filesystem is mounted read only. To re-mount it

    run command

    remount -n -o remount,rw /

    ctrl D to reboot.

    I have seen this issue a number of time on mutliple systems but only with Suse 9 SP3 32 bit and I think I have seen it with 64bit bit I cannot remeber now.

    Any ideas on what is going on here. This is just a test system and not or will not be used for hosting.

    here are the partitions I setup during install so you have an idea.

    SDA 1 /boot 500MB
    SDA2 swap 2048MB
    SDA3 / 200+GB

    SDb1 /test entire drive at 232GB

    Thanks in advance

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    Looks like there is a bug in the install script that does not properly unmount the install drive once complete. You should be able to just boot to single and run an FSCK on all partitions and then reboot.

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    ya this may be it. I forgot to mention that this is a PXE install. So maybe the install needs some work becuase if I use CD's it goes away.


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