To celebrate the launch of there is 50% off our standard plan.

* 1GB disk space (includes MySQL server, additional space is £1/GB)
* 1GB mailbox space (additional space is £1/GB)
* 20GB transfer (additional transfer is £0.50/GB)
* Personal MySQL 5.0 Server (Optional full remote access via TCP/IP)
* 8192 domains
* PHP 5.2
* 8192 POP3/IMAP mailboxes
* Optional SMTP Feed (no charge for this service)
* 8192 email addresses
* Daily backups
* Control mailboxes, email, domains though our proprietary Control Panel

All £9.99 a month

This deal will not be repeated, sign up while you can!

We also have cut our rates for customised hosting solutions.
Send your requirements to [email protected] and get a quote.