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    Thumbs up ::: New Skin for vBulletin :::

    This skin was originaly designed for a client but due to non payment i have decided to sell it as a multi sale design

    Pastel will cost $30 for a licence and includes 1 year of updates after that it will be $10 per year for updates (optional after 1 year)

    the design only supports 3.6.4 at the moment i will add older versions over the next few weeks

    this skin is tagged by our domain name but we offer a copyright free version for an additional $20

    this is my first resale design and are only just getting into the business we will have a members area for you to download the product and much more but this will be online in the next week or two

    for more infomation please PM me all orders will be processed via paypal and done manually until the billing and members system is finished

    but all cleints will get access to this area once finished

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    nice work...

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