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    * Static IP provider and best prices.

    Is there a difference between static IP's and dedicated IP addresses ?

    Also I'm in the Atlanta GA region, does anyone have any reccomendations on a bandwidth provider and avarage cost of static IP's ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by skyhive
    Is there a difference between static IP's and dedicated IP addresses ?
    They are two completely different things.

    Static/Dynamic IP addresses are associated with home/soho internet access. "Static" means the address is permanently assigned and doesn't change periodically. Dynamic IPs can change at any time as needed by the provider. All (commercial) web hosting server IP addresses are static.

    Dedicated/Shared IP addresses are associated with hosting. A "shared" IP may be used for dozens or hundreds of sites. The server answers on that IP for numerous domains and you can't reach one site using the IP address alone. A "dedicated" IP address means one IP address = one domain name and the site can be reached by IP address alone. Usually, dedicated IP addresses are associated with commerce (SSL certificates require a dedicated IP) or dedicated servers.

    I can't help you concerning Atlanta, but you should specify whether you are looking for service to your location or service in a data center?
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    thanks SROHost, so a dedicated IP address is different from a static IP address ? what software is common for setting up dedicated IP addresses ? or is this done through the ISP as well ?

    I'm looking for service to my location right now, unless everyone agrees that a datacenter is the way to go.

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    SRO is talking in terms of a shared hosting environment. Are you talking about in a colocation environment or what?

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    I guess I am talking about both, I'm trying to differentiate the two.

    How would a static or dedicated IP be issued in a shared hosting environment, and how would it be issued in a colocation environment ?

    I just want to make sure I dont mix up the terminology.

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    By looking at your posts you are obviously very new to this, so take it slow, you are comparing apples and oranges here.

    In the hosting world, it is highly unlikely that you will see a DYNAMIC IP, it would be so annoying if the IP keeps changing every time, DSL providers use the dynamic IP to prevent hosting of websites and such, but people have gone around it, well thats a different story.

    In hosting industry, virtually 100% of the IPs are static.

    Now the difference between dedicated *static* IP and shared *static* IP.

    In a shared hosting, you can either have a dedicated or a shared IP address, one reason off top of my head that I can think of dedicated IP for shared hosting is for SSL. But if you have no good reason for an additional IP, you will be on a IP which is shared by other clients on the same server.

    In colocation environment you will get at least 1 dedicated *static* IP address. Some datacenters offer more than one as long you meet ARIN/RIPE guidelines. Combinations include such as the first 8 free, thereafter $1 per IP or unlimited IP issues as long as ARIN/RIPE guidelines are met and such.

    To answer your original question, I'm sure your criteria for choosing a datacenter for collocation will change from the fact if they provide static IPs or not to something more important such as the carriers the datacenter peers to, if they own the datacenter, cooling, accessibility, remote reboot, and a plethora of other things that you might have a need for.

    One of the popular datacenter in the Atlanta, GA area is Gnax @
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    thanks Anantha you've been a big help !!!

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