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    SWSoft Sitebuilder Question

    What sort of modules are available for sitebuilder? I haven't seen a calendar module although it would seem useful.

    Overall, is sitebuilder decent? What are folks thoughts about soholaunch. It looks like soholaunch may be a better option...


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    Sitebuilder is pretty solid. What you see though is what you get, no new modules that I'm familiar with. The SWsoft guys are pretty good at getting back to you with any questions you might have though.
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    go into cpanel?

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    Im not sure what Sohan is on about but fairly sure it doesnt relate to this thread.

    I to have wondered about the different functionality offered by sitebuilder, but I think I will wait several months and build up the domains before I purchase this. There are so many addons you have tp buy for Plesk

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