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    Looking for a VPS


    I'm looking or a VPS ISP, I don't intend to make exaustive use of it, I'ts mainly for server testing, because alot of webhosting companies limit their PHP into safe mode only.

    I want a cheap VPS, 256 MB RAM should be enough.

    I found these:

    Anyone used one of them?


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    Why don't you just find a shared hosting company that doesn't limit php into safe mode?

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    Because I want full control of my webserver for testing, like snort, etc.. for my college project. My laptop can't be online 24x7 with Linux.

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    813 has the best VPS around in my opinion.

    Great prices, great support, great stability.


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    There's a lot of VPS providers posting on here. Lots of offers are available in the VPS Offers section and there's a lot of reviews and recommendations in this section. I'd suggest by checking them first.
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    Well, maybe you like to look at

    I have not try out their services yet but had a few exchange of emails from them
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    I'm very happy with SLHost so far. Their 50%-off offer is interesting too.

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