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    Praise for XLHost

    Unfortunately, it's not everyday that you're able to get good prices, a good network, and good service in this business, so when you do, it's worth letting other people know.

    We've had several servers with XLHost now for a number of months. Not a huge amount of time, I agree, but long enough to get some sense of their capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

    And, I have to say, they've earned some public praise.

    Not only is their pricing great, and their network solid, but they also provide very, very good service. They don't yet have true 24/7 support (as far as I can recall), but they have been very responsive and very understanding whenever we've needed their assistance.

    We have servers with several other hosts that have prices comparable to -- or higher -- than those of XLHost, but we've been impressed enough with XLHost that we'll most likely consolidate most of our hosting with them.

    Do others have experiences with XLHost which mirror our own ... or, perhaps, are different? It would be useful to collect some information about the host here for those who may consult the forum for information about the company.

    Kudos, XLHost -- I hope you're able to keep a good thing going!

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    I remember seeing xlhost a while back, good to hear something positive about them, will consider them in the future.

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    Their pricing sure looks attractive, especially for the 'bargain bin' servers. It seems their network is set up to block pings though:

    PHP Code:
    root@server1 [~]# ping
    PING ( of data.

    --- ping statistics ---
    20 packets transmitted0 received100packet losstime 18997ms 
    Traceroute shows Cogent, btw. Is there a speedtest anywhere?
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    Ping is turned off, I believe, in the default configuration of all servers at XLHost. This is reflected in the servers for their own website. The gurus here can say whether or not this is a good thing; I believe it's done as a security precaution.

    We turned on ping, however, on our servers at XLHost.

    My traceroute to our servers at XLHost goes in over Global Crossing.

    I'm sure the people at XLHost will make it possible for you to do some kind of speedtest if you ask. Just drop them a note.

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    We had several servers at XLHost at one point. The only issue with them at the time was spotty weekend and night support. Mostly weekend. The strange thing was that there were times where support was readily available during those times and other times it just wasn't there so we moved out.

    All that being said though the network was very good and the hardware rock solid though.

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    As you note, CoolRaul, XLHost's support is "sort-of" 24/7. Regular support hours are M-F, 9-5, but you usually can often get quick responses to support tickets filed after hours during the evenings and sometimes on the weekends.

    Otherwise, for real emergencies during the after hours, it is possible to page a technician, but there's a non-trivial charge for that unless the problem is XLHost's fault.

    Support ticket response times during normal business hours, by the way, are quite quick.

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    I have a server with XLHost and it runs quite well. Speed is great for transferring files but Latency is NOT very good (probably cuz of Cogent). Not really a good host for on-line gaming like CS & such where lag complaints run rampant.

    Tech support is helpful although a bit slow...their Linux guys know what they're doing.

    But overall, I'm pretty happy with XLHost...solid hardware, great prices.

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    I agree with the previous posters. A good deal certainly if you don't mind Cogent. I also like the fact that I don't have to pay for 24/7 support if I don't want that. I maintain my servers myself, so I prefer not having to pay for the privilege of being able to call any time and whim about some issue which I can fix myself much faster. And they have remote reset and IP-KVM available if needed.

    If I really goof up one day and need a technician to perform an action at night, they provide a way of paging for one. It costs a little bit but if I really need helping hands in the middle of the night, I am willing to pay for that. Never needed that yet though, so I do not have any idea about the response time.

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