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    Adding forum and blog to a website?

    Hi i am new to web design although i have managed to use serif and upload a simple website with pictures.

    Dilema (if i can spell)

    I want to have maybe 2 forums on my website and also a blog section.

    Can i easilly upload a forum to any page of my website.

    I also wanted to make a blog

    I heard someone say that to have a forum you need lots of developers to ensure it is built securely. Does downloading a forum from the internet and a blog avoid the security problems.

    Thanks for your help

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    Yes, definitely, you can go to and and create a forum for yourself, but phpbb is the most vulnerable forum script, but it's free. There's also a premodded version of phpbb- Vitrax, what's more a new version of phpbb with much more new features will be released soon, so there's no need IMO to pay 160$ for vbulletin.

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    Firstly, dilemma is spelt with a double m

    If you have a controlpanel with your hosting package (such as cpanel with Fantastico) you can easily create a forum/blog with a click of a button via Fantastico (I think they offer phpbb and SWF the last time I looked). All you have to do then is add a link to the forum/blog on your website and you and your viewers are ready to go.

    Hope that helps.

    Gotta check out this superb site...

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    Thanks both of you guys i have bluehost who have a lot of things. i wasnt sure if i can create my webpages first and then add the blogs and forums. I think i have seen fantastico on bluehost so i will see what i can do P.S i copy the correct speeling of dilemma now LOL it's been alog time since i have used that word though i have dilemmas everyday LOL

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    As Bill said, ya won't need Vbulletin, unless you want a commerical/professional solution
    Personally I prefer SMF, over PHPBB
    But, that's down to personal taste over anything

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    Wordpress is a very good blogging software, very easy to install too!

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    And i guess wordpress solves the worry of security issues as i am not designing it from scratch. I think i will purchase webserif can you make a backup copy of webserif once you purchase and download the software?

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    one for me too

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    Quote Originally Posted by smilemaker
    one for me too
    LOL i think i will play around with the online frontpage that my host gives me before i pay for serif

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