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    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: sqlgetx()...

    Hi to all..
    I'm using an image hosting script. But it gives an error when showing the uploaded image. But refreshing the page fixes the problem.

    Here is the error :

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: sqlgetx() in /home/photo/public_html/links/image_name/index.php on line 36

    index.php line 34-38 :

    PHP Code:
    34 $cookie_data "ok";  
    35 setcookie("mstat",$cookie_data$time+(31536000));
    36 $num=sqlgetx("SELECT `unique` FROM `".$mysql_prefix."stats_total` WHERE 1");
    37 $num++;
    38 sqlexecx("UPDATE `".$mysql_prefix."stats_total` SET `unique`='$num'"); 
    I think everything is OK. But I couldn't find the solution.

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    a quick googling shows that this error happens all over the web, i don't know which script it is, but i'd get in touch with their support team if i was you, it'll be much easier then us helping you.. through it i think :?

    Alternatively, you can find anyother script to use...
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    OK, I've solved the problem

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    Would you mind posting the solution so that if others face the same problem they can also fix it?

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