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    DreamHost Expirience

    I would like to share with you my DreamHost experience.

    After doing my research I have come to the decision of going with DreamHost using one of many discount cupons available around the foruns, so I commited myself to their service for 24 months, mostly due to the lower cost of hosting with the coupon.

    I did my sign-up on the L1 plan at 29th of December, made my payment using their checkout form via PayPal, and received the order confimation message.
    Because I've used a diferent PayPal email from the one I used at DreamHost sign-up, I emailed their customer support to check if everything was ok, and they confirmed that in fact they received payment and all was fine.

    But the thing is, all DreamHost accounts require approval before they are actually usable. It has been ONE WEEK of wait and counting for this approval, during which I have sent a critical priority support email (aka "OMG") [@Jan 4th, 2007 - 12:27:21] that is yet to be answered! The previous attempt of contact was also unsucessfull.
    To add up, after reviewing my billing information I have found that I am paying for this week of no service!

    I have posted on their foruns several times about the issue, have patiently waited for their action, but yet I consider a ONE WEEK "downtime" - even considering that weekend and holiday - something attrocious and worth to take my time and warn others.

    The site that was supposed to be hosted in this account isn't even developed yet [was supposed to be during this week..], so there is no chance of being something DreamHost wouldn't approve for whatever reason. I am a new customer to DreamHost so there is no chance of being something from the past taking it's influence.

    By TOS they aren't really "picky" about content, provided it is legal. My sign-up domain isn't anything out of this world, being "just another" tech related .com so there is no way they are put off just by the domain.. Since content is none ATM.

    Trully hope to see an unespected turn around from DreamHost during the remaining 24 months, and that hopefully in a few weeks/months I'll be able to do an extendend review with working domains hosted with them.

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    If you posted on the forum, and sent the OMG ticket you did everything you can. I've read about similar situations, so you can just wait or ask for a refund. Maybe they were slower because of the end of the year, and it's now being processed. Only they can answer.
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    First of all, it may not have been a good idea to commit to two years with a service you were new to. You may already be thinking the same thing considering your circumstances. If you can get your money back then do so and go somewhere else. You don't want to accept sub par customer service in order to save a few bucks.

    There are plenty of hosts available that are affordable, easy to get in touch with and won't police what you put on your site.
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    Quote Originally Posted by InfTekHosting
    You don't want to accept sub par customer service in order to save a few bucks.
    I agree wholeheartedly

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    yeah 2 years is a long time.

    If they offer a discount for a long contract *which im sure they do* then thats probably why you got it. But when something like this happens you can see thats its worth the few extra bucks for good support.

    Next time go for monthly, mosts host will allow some sort of auto payment so if your worried about having to remember to pay there are ways around that.
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    With DreamHost you don't need to go monthly. The first year of hosting costs $23 with a coupon that Dreamhost's affiliates or Dreamhost itself gives.
    They do this so that people don't be afraid to try their service. They will get their money back when you renew, if you are happy.

    They also give a refund if you request it. So if you don't want to wait, ask your money back. But maybe that will take the same time of processing your setup...
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    I would like to let you know that finally my account has been activated and am now ready to start developing.

    I did my research before choosing this host, and at sign-up it seamed like not such a big loss to jump in a 24 month contract given the discounts offered both by contract lenght and coupon. I might have to reconsider that view, but I must say a 12 months contract with DreamHost can be really cheap provided you get a $97 coupon or even the $99.99 one.

    You can rest assured I will post a more detailed review in a few weeks/months, when I finally get to know this host better.

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    Good to see you finally got setup! let us know how your experience is with them.
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    I would like to let you know that finally my account has been activated and am now ready to start developing.
    Did you find out what the problem was? (why it took so long)

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    This sounds like a great deal - good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crislem
    Did you find out what the problem was? (why it took so long)
    In reply to my latest support email (marked as Critical aka "OMG"), the support team said:
    Looks like you should have been activated automatically and weren't.
    Sorry about that. I've gone ahead forwarded this to the activation
    department so they can take care of this for you. They will get back to
    you shortly.
    Off course I didn't like the one week delay and it certainly ruined my original planning/schedule for developing my site, though it might have to be with the fact there was a weekend and public holiday in-between plus the new year brought to DreamHost mail server issues and probably a surge in support requests.
    I may not consider these factors to be an excuse to such atrocious wait, but I prefer to move forward and take the most of what this host has to offer.

    In a few weeks/months I will be able to tell you if the first week was just a sample of the next 24 months, or if (most likely) it didnít do any justice to DreamHost.

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    I had the same problem as you, then I posted in their discussion board. And sent a OMG support email as well. Which activated my account within 24 hours. I waited about 1 week also. I believe there is one post said that Credit Card and Google Payment gets activated instantly while Paypal seems to have problem with the automatication.
    Good luck!

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    I'm sure they will not charge you for time before they set your account live and any company would honour a credit (or service extension) for this.
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    My experienced with Dreamhost has been mixed. It took them a long time before our email problem was fixed. The other is once you get to the point of renewing with them, they don't give you much incentive to stay. They don't even offer a discount when you renew.

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    I canceled my DreamHost account after about a week due to two major factors. The first, which I was unsure about from the start, was DreamHost's panel instead of cPanel. First of all, it doesn't tell you your table prefixes in their MySQL section. Secondly, I was extremely unhappy with their lack of live support when I was trying to transfer my website to their servers.

    Due to this, I canceled, and I am now with HostGator. I have no problems at all.

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