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    Why I can not delete my Virtual Site on Cobalt Raq4?

    Why I can not delete my Virtual Site on Cobalt Raq4? When i click the delete button in Virtual Site List, there is an error message like this "The system is busy deleting another site. Please wait and try again." So what should I do?

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    Does this still happen after a reboot is performed?

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    Cause: The lock file that indicates it is deleting a site didn't get cleared properly the last time a site was deleted.

    Solution: Open a shell session on the server as root
    cd /etc/locks
    Delete all files in /etc/locks except for one named 'monitor' - LAMP and LAMP+SSL HowTo - Cobalt FAQs and HowTos

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    Hi Bruce,

    That's a bad idea. Somthing went wrong the last time they tried to do something and it's possible that now several files could be empty like the passwd file, shadow, proftpd.conf, mail files, etc and sometimes you can find bit's and peices of file in here as I recall... anyway.. before they do anything else they need to make sure all the important files are still whole. Most of the time I just move them to /home/Zeffie/ in case there is anything I might ever need and then I look around on the system.. and doing a df -h wouldn't hurt either...

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