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    Fraud Alert - Name: Dex Opia, IP:

    Hello Guys,

    Just want to let others know of a fradulent signup I had a little while ago. Someone from Canada pretending to be from Georgia. Not really a problem, standard case of fraud. I have IP banned him from my network.

    Here is the information he used upon signup.

    Name: Dex Opia
    IP Address:
    Phone Number: 5073*48*48
    E-Mail Address: [email protected]
    Address: 25 Don St, Shrute, GA 30003

    When I ran a query on his IP address, the result was:

    Rogers Cable INC, located in Canada.

    His phone query resulted in the following:

    Phone Report for (507) 3*4-8*48

    I have censored the phone number for the protection of its actual owner, the line is active and belongs to someone else.

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