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    Trying to figure out this whole cart thing pls.

    I coded my first site in Dreamweaver. I don't know a ton about web programming. It is in HTML... I am now looking for how create a cart, and accept credit cards.

    For example I found
    they offer

    • *FREE Merchant Account Set-Up
    • *FREE Gateway Set-Up
    • *FREE Shopping Cart Set-Up
    • *FREE Reprogramming
    • *FREE Shipping
    • *FREE 24/7 Toll Free Support
    • High Approval Rate
    • Extremely Fast Approval

    Does this mean if I go with them they will just set up my cart links for me or what? If not will someone shed some light on this for me or toss me a couple links as to what provider to go through... thanks so much

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    Usually not. The reprogramming means that they will re-program your POS terminal. Some agents have programmers that will help you integrate the electronic payment gateway as well.

    If you understand some PHP / ASP it is failry simple to integrate the gateway and they will provide an integration so that you can accept / process credit cards on your secure website or you can push them over to the gateway's secure website for processing

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    *FREE Reprogramming
    *FREE Shipping
    Impossible to had both this options for FREE!

    *FREE Gateway Set-Up
    Use PayPal - you will pay only transaction fees...
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