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    do ModernBill and other that use MySQL as backend pay for MySQL?

    The Commercial License is an agreement with MySQL AB for organizations that do not want to release their application source code. Commercially licensed customers get a commercially supported product with assurances from MySQL. Commercially licensed users are also free from the requirement of making their own application open source.

    When your application is not licensed under either the GPL-compatible Free Software License as defined by the Free Software Foundation or approved by OSI, and you intend to or you may distribute MySQL software, you must first obtain a commercial license to the MySQL product.

    Typical examples of MySQL distribution include:


    Selling software that includes MySQL to customers who install the software on their own machines.

    Selling software that requires customers to install MySQL themselves on their own machines.

    Building a hardware system that includes MySQL and selling that hardware system to customers for installation at their own locations.



    If you include the MySQL server with an application that is not licensed under the GPL or GPL-compatible license, you need a commercial license for the MySQL server.

    If you develop and distribute a commercial application and as part of utilizing your application, the end-user must download a copy of MySQL; for each derivative work, you (or, in some cases, your end-user) need a commercial license for the MySQL server and/or MySQL client libraries.

    If you include one or more of the MySQL drivers in your non-GPL application (so that your application can run with MySQL), you need a commercial license for the driver(s) in question. The MySQL drivers currently include an ODBC driver, a JDBC driver and the C language library.

    GPL users have no direct legal relationship with MySQL AB. The commercial license, on the other hand, is MySQL AB's private license, and provides a direct legal relationship with MySQL AB.

    since ModernBill require customers to install a MySQL thus ModernBill require to pay MySQL AB.

    now that i look over the liscense agreement, it sound like anything that's for profit require to liscense MySQL. does this mean webhost as well?

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    I don't see why they would. They don't package mysql as part of their software, and you are not required to use MySQL in order to use Modernbill.

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    It's saying Modernbill may have to have a commercial license, but the users of the software don't.

    commercial license for the MySQL server and/or MySQL client libraries
    The users can use the commercial version or the free client libraries.

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