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    Question / any good?

    Hiya. I'm interested in signing up with hostmywebDOTnet
    ( -- Budget Plan), but I don't really know anything about them. So, how have others found them?

    Below is what I need from my hoster:

    *2 domains (1 registered, 1 not)
    *one Access2000 DSN
    *my own cgi-bin
    *ability to run Perl scripts
    *24/7/365 toll-free telephone tech support (not mandatory, but DEFINITELY a plus)
    *20-50mb webspace
    *2+gb xfer/month
    *5+ email accounts
    *5+ email aliases
    *email autoresponder
    *30-day money-back guarantee
    *less than $30 Canadian/month (and I don't mean $29.99 or the like)

    So, if anybody has any insight into hostmywebDOTnet /, I'd appreciate hearing from you.

    Nick Hoffman

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    No, but they spammed me this morning. The e-mail was sent to 'sales' at my domain, which I never use. I would never do business with a spammer.

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    Is this advertisement ? or anything?

    Have nice day
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