template for sale can be modified for various types of sites including hosting or clan template. can be modified into a camolfauge type template for clan site. can be modified into a hosting template. can be customized to fit ur needs.

Template coded for the following:
Web Press
Plain HTML or PHP
....if u need the template coded in another format tell me

Optional Template extras includes the following:
- Splash Page (Flash or non-Flash)
- Flash Navigation Block w/ Flash MP3 Player
- Flash Header and Flash Login (Flash Footer Optional)
- Flash Welcome Box and Flash Chat Box
- All Fonts except Commerical Fonts

Template Preview:

Template price starts at $150 price can be negotiated if you have any questions contact me here:

AIM: sh0ck1ne
MSN Messenger: [email protected]
E-Mail: [email protected]

Thank You for your time and Happy Holidays