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    New to dedicaced servers, best offer for my usage ?

    Hi there,

    First, i would like to say that this website is fabulous, it s exactly what i was looking for before starting my first experience in renting a dedicaced server.

    Well, i had a server hosted during 2 years by a sponsor in Italy, and i have to fly by my own now.

    This server was heavyly loaded by our website and by our IRC services. The load was essentialy due to the mysql requests.
    The hardware was a Dual P3 900 Mhz with 1Go ram, 20 Go SCSI drive, 1 Gbit network (average usable bandwich was 2,2 M/s).
    It was really too slow, load average was usually arround 3.00 and sometimes more.

    To give you more exemples of our load, we are now on two temporary servers:
    - one used as a mysql server only (AMD 3000+ 1Go DDR)
    - the other to host the website and IRC services (P4 2.4GHz - 512 DDRM)
    The mysql server as an average load of 0.75 and the other one has arround 0.10
    We tryed to use the mysql server on the P4 together with the website but that made loads like 7.00

    I can also add that we use arround 350 GB / month of traffic.

    I m watching the different offers on the net (mainly in Europe, most of our activity is there) and i would like to know what kind of server would be better for my usage since my budget is limited to 75 /m (100$/m).
    I m looking for a long term hosting (24 months).

    Those 3 offers took my attention (prices include any setup cost or discount for a 24 months contract):

    OFFER N1
    Host :
    CPU : Intel Core 2 Duo E6600
    Memory : 2 GB DDR
    HDD : 1x250 GB WD Sata II HDD / 16 Mb Cache + 1x200 GB (option)
    Network : 100 MBit
    Traffic: 2000 GB
    Price : 1626 euros => 67,75 /m

    OFFER N2
    Host :
    CPU : AMD Athlon64 X2 4200+
    Memory : 2 GB DDR
    HDD : 1x250 GB WD Sata II HDD / 16 Mb Cache + 1x200 GB (option)
    Network : 100 MBit
    Traffic : 2000 GB
    Price : 1429 euros => 59,54 /m

    OFFER N3
    Host :
    CPU : AMD Opteron 1210 dual core 64Bit
    Memory : 1 GB DDR
    HDD : 2x 160 GB Sata 7200 rpm / 8 Mb Cache Raid 1
    Network : 1 GBit
    Traffic : Unlimited
    Price : 1449 euros => 60,37 /m + we receive the server at the end

    I read some bad comments about , especially about their support (i don t care about configuration support but a server downtime would be a bigger problem) but the price is interesting and we would receive the server at the end of the contract.

    I heard good feedback about NGZ but the network is slower (100Mbit >< 1 Gbit) and with a limited traffic (i don't know if 2000Go is enough if i want to add more services on my website that include file transfers). It's also more expensieve if you consider that we don't receive the server at the end of the contract.


    Would you recommand one of those offers ?
    Do you know offers that would be better for our needs ?
    Is a good CPU better than more RAM for our usage ?

    Thank you very much for reading all this -long- message.



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    I believe you'd see the best performance from the E6600 core 2 with 2gb of ram.

    If during the loads you described you were running alot of cache and had little to no ram free, You may want to avoid the 1GB offer.

    RAM/CPU requirements are different for each site, but if you run out of ram and you have to start caching all your data your CPU usage will definately spike.
    So you may want to just monitor your servers during a busy time and see if your current memory config is close to maxed or whats causing the spikes. If its genuine cpu usage and you have plenty of memory free(which i kind of doubt) You'd definately want the faster core 2, as they are outperforming everything else right now. If its ram, you'd probbably be fine with either of the 2GB offers
    On the other hand if disk access is your hangup and your good on ram, you may want to go for the system with 2 drives, and dedicate one to mysql or whatever is causing all that IO (or run raid?)
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    I would recommend the intel core duo. It's the best performing line of CPUs in the market for now. Going by you using 2.2MB/s of bandwidth that equals to about 20Mbit/s so a 100Mbit/s should be sufficient. And by having two HDDs you'd be able to set up a raid 0 (performance) or 1 (drive reliability) to further your disk performance or stability. Having 2Gigs of RAM should be enough for heavy duty MySQL usage, it depends on how big your tables and indexes are and what you need to cache.
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    NGZ is bad... Really bad, read this post...

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