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    Colocation with Global Compass

    I am considering colocating a new server with Global Compass in Atlanta. I would apprecite any feed back if you have had any experience with them or their network.

    Thanks in advance...JC

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    We've had a pretty good experience with them so far. Since they upgraded to the redundant core routers, uptime has been 100%.
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    I have server there. I have had it there for around two months and have been pleased with the uptime and speed.
    Marty Hoskins

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    We have 2 racks there and have been super happy. Bob is more than willing to help out and Lief, Jeremy, Matt, Greg and the others are great at support.
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    Whats their url?
    Joman Sierra

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    Originally posted by dominet
    Whats their url?
    Try the obvious:
    Marty Hoskins

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