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    Question Shoutcast Bandwidth Usage


    I have come across many hosting providers recently who sell shoutcast servers with a set amount of bandwidth. e.g. their plan would be 100 slots, 128kbps with 100GB bandwidth/month.

    I was wondering how they are able to monitor the bandwidth usage of a single shoutcast server and enforce a limit?

    If anyone knows, your knowledge would be very helpful


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    The shoutcast log files show the bytes transferred upon closing of the connection. If they're enforcing limits, they're probably shutting down the sc_serv process when it exceeds a certain amount. However, if all the listeners are connected and never drop, it would be very easy to use double or triple the bandwidth in one period and it'd stay off the next month :/

    There are also non-shoutcast servers (like icecast) that have better server-side configuration / limits and they're compatible with shoutcast and other sources.
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