With all reseller plans you get a free billing system called AccountLab+Plus and a Domain Reseller account that allows you to resell domains for a low yearly price. Also now you may offer your clients all the same features we offer to our Share clients such as Site Builder, RVSkins, Fantastico and much more for free.

Visit http://www.planetpx.com for more details.

Quick Plan View:

Reseller 1
Monthly: $24.95
Set Up Fee: $0.00
Disk Space: 20000 MB (20 GB)
Monthly Transfer: 100,000 MB (100 GB)

Reseller 2
Monthly: $34.95
Set Up Fee: $0.00
Disk Space: 30000 MB (30 GB)
Monthly Transfer: 200,000 MB (200 GB)

Reseller 3
Monthly: $74.95
Set Up Fee: $0.00
Disk Space: 90000 MB (90 GB)
Monthly Transfer: 400,000 MB (400 GB)

About Planet Phoenix, LLC
[Formerly know as People-Host.com]:

Planet Phoenix, LLC was founded on April 2002 under the name Vision3play.com. Providing graphic design services to the local community of Philadelphia, PA. During that first year, the founders of Vision3play began doing research on other services and found a great market for web hosting and in 2003 Vision3host.com was born. During the next two years Vision3host began to grow quickly and shifted their focus from graphic design to web hosting. In 2005 it was decided to change the name to People-Host.com, which began offering web hosting and other services for a low monthly fee to the general public.

In 2006 People-Host.com merged with another web host provider that serves the New York local community. This merger gave the birth of what is now Planet Phoenix, LLC. They now operate and maintain over 10 servers with a technical and support staff to back it up.

"Our main mission is to provide only the best support and services on the web for a low monthly fee. It is our promise and our guarantee or your money back."