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    Business concept feedback request

    We have been considering building a couple concepts for our new business, let me outline them here first and then I'd love your thoughts on the strengths and weakness of the ideas:

    MySQL Management Services

    Offer to Web Hosting companies, Server Management firms and anyone else that gives front line support to web hosting customers, a system whereby they have (you can call it outsourced, but I'd rather not) "specialists" that are not actually part of their organization, but what it allows is for escalation beyond their abilities.

    For example, if Joe from Joe's Rack Emergency Service has some clients that have complex MySQL configurations and they open a ticket asking if Joe has any ability to assist them in optimizing write performance on update heavy installations of MySQL 4.1, he may not. However, he can still say, yes, please let me send the details of this request to a technical specialist in MySQL Performance and they will get back in touch with you. Joe will still keep his customer base and the billing will be on 30 day cycles for all work our firm did for Joe's customers. We negotiate ahead of time fees for certain general tasks and on a per incident request, we provide a fee to Joe that he can then markup and offer as the fee to the client, prior to the client approval.

    What this does is allow support organizations to *not* have to turn away business that is outside of their core expertise. It would also give a niche markey company like ours the ability to offer this service to thousands of development, consulting, hosting and support companies.

    We are considering creating a portal that would have flex integration into other web hosting and support companies, so that tickets and requests can be filtered down to us, whenever necessary.

    MySQL Support & Services Portal

    Creating a "direct to consumer" portal that offers 1 time incident response with built in fees clearly displayed. An example of this would be to have options like (sample data only):
    • MySQL Replication Configuration ($150)
    • Upgrading MySQL Versions ($100)
    • Configuring MySQL Cluster ($500)
    • MySQL Query Optimization (10 queries, 100 queries, custom fee)
    This would give us the ability to cross-sell the services of "server" management firms for the 24x7 monitoring and support component, while maintaining our core offerings that relate to advanced MySQL consulting, support and administration.

    What do you think? Viable, stupid, don't care! Thanks ahead of time for your input.
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    If you're an expert in this area, I'd say go for it. There's certainly a demand for something like this. I guess the real question is whether or not an acceptable pricing scheme could be worked out for both the host and service provider.
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    I think one problem you may or may not face is that a company who can afford a service such as that would most likely have a Server Admin with them that would already have the knowledge to complete the task. A company that does not have a server admin employed with that knowledge may not be willing to spend the money for the service you offer. Still, good luck with the idea, it could work if marketed correctly.

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    Basically, this would be outsourced server administration in the field of mySQL? You want to become known as the guys that know all things related to mySQL?

    While the idea isn't a bad one, it seems a bit limiting. Why would someone call you for mySQL assistance, when there are lots of outsourced server administrators who can actually handle a wider range of services (including mySQL)? If we used outsourced server administration, which we do NOT, I would rather deal with one company for everything.

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    Tina's made the important point - why would someone call you when they may already have administrators that can handle it?

    I think the idea honestly has potential, it just needs to be worked on a bit more. You need to define your target market, how you'll reach out to them, and why they'll let you work with them.

    Once you've defined those three objectives, you're off to a great start
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