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    * I have up to $40k to purchase cpanel customers

    My company is looking to purchase cpanel customers. Our budget is from $1000 to $40k.

    NOTE: We are not interested in low-budget high-resource accounts. Please do not contact me if your plan pricing is below $5/month per customer and you are offering huge disk/bw plans. We are not a cheap/budget company, and low-cost customers are not the market we target.

    Also, please don't bother contacting me unless you are serious about selling. You will be wasting both our time if you are merely trying to see what your company is "worth" and have no desire to actually sell.


    I prefer not to discuss my company's URL in the public forums here. (See "contact info" below...)

    We are an established hosting company (incorporated since 2001) with about 3000 customers. Our "specialty" is providing high quality web/email services and support with a personal touch . Our helpdesk average response time is under 15 minutes -- 24 hours a day. (You will be invited to test this out if you want...)

    Our target market of customers is small businesses and people who are willing to pay a realistic price for reliable web/email hosting and very fast support/service.

    We do no advertising at all. All our business so far has been from word-of-mouth referrals. Also, turnover for the last 4 years has been less then 5% (including customers who cancelled because they just no longer need a website). That should give you a good idea of the type of service we offer and how happy our customers are with us. Your customers will have a good home.

    ** We offer both regular shared hosting and reseller packages, so we are interested to purchase both types of customers.


    If this sounds interesting and you are considering to sell your customers, please send me a PM with the following details:

    1. Your website URL.
    2. Reason why you are selling.
    3. Number of customers you are selling.
    4. Total annual GROSS revenue.

    Once I receive your PM, I will reply back with the URL of our website so that you can take a look and see if we would be a good "match" for your customers. After you have evaluated if we would be a good "fit", then we can move forward to discuss the details of the sale/purchase.

    If you have any questions about anything, just post a response here.

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