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    Exclamation SEO Reports and Search Engine Submission to over 100 engines NOT $99.99 only $5!!!!

    As many of you know, having a well optimized website can help to get you better search results in Google and other search engines. Most if not all websites use SEO to make their link appear higher in search engines when their selected keyword is searched for. This is where we come in!

    We will analyze your website and create a report of your website. This will show you details about your website, and explain in detail things you could/should do to achieve higher search engine possitioning! You can see a sample report here. You
    choose which search engines you want to place high in, and thats where we will do our analysis. You can pick from the following search engines:


    We do it like this: First we analyze your content to determine exactly what your website is about. Then, using professional software, we search for the top 10 competitors for that keyword in the search engine of your choice. We analyze their website to see what they did to get the best results, and then include those details in the reports we generate about your website.

    Here is what we analyze:
    Your Document Title
    Your Meta Keywords
    Your Meta Description
    Your Body Text
    Your First Sentence

    Then we analyze the competitors
    Top 10 competitors for the selected key words
    Their Document Title
    Their Meta Keywords
    Their Meta Description
    Their Body Text
    Their First Sentence

    When all of the analysis has been completed, and your report generated, we will submit your websites link including Title, Keywords, and description to 100 or more search engines manually, and then send you a detailed report of the submission process. You can see a sample report here.

    Price: We will analyze your website and generate a detailed SEO report of your site, and then submit your link to over 100 search engines all for only
    $5.00 USD!!!

    If you would like for us to run a report on your website, and also to submit your link to all major search engines, please send $5.00 via PayPal only to order @ . In the notes section, please include the following information:

    Your Link:
    Your Title:
    Your Description: (25 word max)
    Your Keywords: (5 - 10 max)
    Which Search Engine to analyze (AltaVista, AllTheWeb, AOL, Ask, Google, Live
    or Yahoo)
    Your Email Address: (Be sure to use an email address that you don't use too often, as you may receive some spam after the submission.)

    Your report will be gereated, and link submitted as soon as possible. In most cases it will be completed in under 2-4 hours.

    If you would like to see information regarding our SEO packages, please see our SEO page on our website.

    You can contact me through here by PM, or posting to this thread. You may also email me at admin @ I will respond as soon as possible!

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    Does this offer still stand?

    Can you post the list of the search engines where you submit?
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    No, that offer was posted a yr and a half ago.

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    Just sent you a PM, though this offer is old, I can still do it I suppose.

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