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    We Are looking Shoutcast Expert..

    Hi Actually CYBER VENTAS Offer Streaming Services with shoutcast, but we have some troubles with the accounts because have a lot of buffering..

    We need an expert on shoutcast server for setup a new shoutcast server with the control Panel Cast-Control.

    And evit the buffering, I need a system very clean and stable...

    Waiting Answers!
    Alejandro Mata
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    The buffering can be caused by a large number of things, from cpu utilization, to bandwidth quality issues. It's possible that it won't be able to be fixed without changing your bandwidth provider and/or server location.

    As far as Cast-Control, that's rather easy to set up, I could do this for you for a flat 1 hour charge. I am actually involved with some of the development of Cast-Control, so I tend to know my way around it pretty well

    Please contact me via one of the below methods if you're interested in having me look at your issues and see what can be done to correct them.

    AIM FirestormSupport
    MSN [email protected] <-- Messenger only, no email
    ICQ 206000501
    Yahoo firestorm_helpdesk
    Google Talk [email protected] <-- Messenger only, no email
    Email [email protected] <-- Real email address!
    Phone (800) 697-5891


    Edit: Upon rereading this, I realized that it might have come across wrong. I can install Cast-Control for you, and look into the cause of your buffering issues for the flat 1 hour charge. I just wanted to make sure that was clarified. Thanks.
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    I help a couple of my customers out with issues like this on a regular basis and can provide references upon request to show results on this exact issue.

    I can be reached by MSN or email at marc[at]yourwayit[dot]com , or toll free 1-866-775-4787 ext 1


    Your Way IT
    Fully Managed Colocations System Administration Web Development
    Toll Free: 1-866-775-4787

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