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    Big Reseller plan (100GB space at least)


    Does anyone know who sells a reseller plan with at least 100GB space?
    I was searching the forum and I only see reseller plans with just 20GB/30GB space Im just looking for more.

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    The only reseller plans I've seen that offer 100gb space are from unreliable oversellers, you'll most likely need to upgrade to a Dedicated Server.

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    Your name suggests you need a VPS. I'd go one up on that and suggest you get a dedicated.

    No one offers 100GB of space (no one capable of actually giving it out), and even if they did, you'd need one heck of a budget.

    Are you actually using 100GB now? If not, just buy for what you're using, don't spend more than you actually need to. Most providers have an upgrade path, so you don't need to "future-proof" your plan.

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    i think the main reason is that a reseller plan is just for people starting out.

    if you get big enough to need those kind of resources you might be big enough for a VPS/dedicated machine.

    Unless your looking to offer a lot of resources for low money, if you want to get a reseller account with 100GB space but want to pay the same as a reseller account with only 20GB space then what make you think its reliable anyway? You could always get another reseller account as you grow any good billing system will allow you to add both accounts to it so you will still only have to install one system to manage them all.
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    Well I tried VPS It was kinda hard for me to manage.
    I don't really care the price as long as it is reliable.

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    Its best to look for a fully managed dedicated then. Expect to pay $150/mo + but that should get you exactly what you need
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    Quote Originally Posted by a2b2
    Its best to look for a fully managed dedicated then. Expect to pay $150/mo + but that should get you exactly what you need
    Yeah.. or even more. Depends on location, company, how much management "full management" is (companies even differ on definition of this now a days).

    I'm wondering though, do you NEED 100 GB or is this just a "starting figure" you have to begin? I did the same thing when I started, but in reality you'd be fine starting with like.. 1 GB - 5 GB. These are more realistic. Make sure you look for quality too, because 100 GB on a reseller could mean disaster in terms of losing clients to downtime, etc.

    Good luck bud!
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    I think you need a managed dedicated server. Our hosting provider is Hostdime and we glad from their services. They provide fully managed dedicated servers. Look at their offers. Good luck.
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    Question is do you really really need all that space? If not, pay for what your going to use.
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    Poor guy, he's being asked the same questions over and over...

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