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    block9 hosting experience

    I was a block9 client for a good year and never had any major problems with them. I then canceled my account and a few months later came back. About 2 months ago, I purchased the Reseller Hosting package from block9hosting and was expecting great service.

    Unfortunately I decided that I wasnt going to keep my host so I talked to them and canceled it within their 7 days. I misread the TOS and could not get a refund due to it being a reseller account. That was my mistake. So I canceled and it finished out the month. At the end of the month they charged me AGAIN. Their support response time has been about 2 weeks. Their forums are down, they are never on AIM, I have had barely and responses on WHT and no email responses. I have sent about 10 messages to them just asking for my refund for the second month. I have heard nothing and its been a few weeks.

    I know he has seen my messages because he has posted on WHT january 1st. They have very falsely advertised there support service

    As posted on their website:

    "Fast, Free 24/7 Tech Support"

    We are in the process of upgrading our forums, please try again later!
    If you are the board administrator, you can log in below and begin setting up your new board"

    "Our customer support people are friendly, knowledgeable, and available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year."

    "Live AIM Support: Block9Support "

    I guess a long time customer like me doesn't even get the support and respect deserved from this company. I would not have any complaints if it were not for these events. 2 Months with 3 replies....
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    Sorry to hear your late experiences with them. Really is frustrating when you have been with a company for a year or so and then all the sudden service and support turns to junk. Furthermore, you get charges that you did not authorize. I would say if you can not get in contact with the host, call your bank or credit card company and chargeback the amount, and decline charges from this company in the future.
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    I would definently give them bad reviews. If they treated you wrong then others need to know about it before making a decision.
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