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    help?? trouble finding hosting salespeople


    I have a two year old dedicated hosting company. I've done all of the sales myself. I'm looking to get involved in other projects and hire somebody full time to do dedicated server hosting sales for me. Where should I start? How do other people find good hosting salespeople?

    The job its self requires a decent technical knowledge (I specialize in high availability dedicated hosting) and an even better eye for marketing and sales. I'm not confident there are many people in the surrounding 30 mile area (of Grand Rapids MI) who would be capable, let alone qualified, to do this. What have other people done to fill more niche positions like this?


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    If you're confident there's no one near by (30 miles) that could fill the roll you'd have to hire some one to 'telework' any way. So you may as well look though some CVs on sites like Monster or Dice and post the even position maybe.

    I've never recruited any one with such sites, I expect there's some subscription to be paid.

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    You can post on or you can look at
    In sales - you are not going to get a great sales person if you hire someone and give them first months commission or one of the many offers you see on WHT. You need to hire a very qualified and experience sales person with hosting experience and pay them accordingly.

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