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    Concurrent Users vs. Total Users

    Asking another hypothetical question about web hosting as I try to learn more about it!

    Lets say that you have a website with 10,000 total users. Is there a way to calculate or a "best practice" method of figuring how many of those 10,000 users will be concurrent/active at any given time? Now I realize you can get into detail with peak hours and off hours, but I'm just asking in general. Is there any quick way to say, "plan on 1/3 of that, or 5% of that"?

    Thanks for the replys in advance,


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    I don't think there is any valid rule of thumb for something like that,
    simply because there are so many variables.

    It depends on type of the site, profiles of users, and many many more.

    Some stats programs will provide rough idea, but it also depends on what kind of access you will be counting as a valid user.

    I think you need to narrow down more about what exactly you want to know, and especially why you want to know.

    If you post the reason why you are interested in these numbers, someone may be able to give you more precise suggestions.

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    If you supplied the type of site you could estimate these numbers, otherwise the question you're posing is too vague.

    If the site gets it's traffic from social networks like slashdot or digg then the concurrent users could probably hit 20% of the daily traffic at one time (a lot of active users while your server is on its knees, begging for help)

    If it's a normal site site that gets business throughout the day then I would be amazed if it ever got above 5%.
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    The 5% and 20% numbers are good to know. I don't have a particular site in mind that I am thinking of, just curious in general. I wondered if you would have to get more specific about the use of the site before you could estimate numbers.

    Thanks for the thoughts tho.


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    Most statistics software will be able to show you that kind of data, but other than that you really can't predict.

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