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    * Viewing a .pdf as html

    When you do a search on Google and in the search results there is a .pdf file listed, Google has a link to the side which says "View as HTML."

    Can anyone tell me where I can get software that will do this? Or, is there a way to quickly convert a .pdf document to html on a desktop machine?

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    Try this this may help you.

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    If you have Firefox, there is an add-in you can also install so when you click on a PDF link you get choices like download, open, save as html etc - PDFDownload.

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    ceo2design, I tried it and it works except it does not display the photos. If I look at the source code, it has the tags for the images but it is like this: img src=""

    I could hand code it but that is what I am trying to avoid. Can you suggest anything?

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    but y u want to view a pdf file into an html format

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