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Thread: Billing Dates

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    Billing Dates

    I've got kind of an odd question (can't seem to find any earlier threads on this same subject).

    If a customer's billing date is say the 31st of the month and the current billing month is February, does the customer get billed on the 28th, the 1st of March, the 2nd of March, or the 3rd of March?

    Thanks - any insight is greatly appreciated.
    -Robert Norton

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    The way I handle it is a billing date will never be > 28. If some one signs up on the 31st we take the first payment or any setup fee then and set the next billing date to the 1st of the month after next. means they get a few free days but it saves any screw ups relating to dates.

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    Well, if you are billing every "month", then you would bill on the last day of Feb.

    If you are billing every 30 days, then you would bill... every 30 days, regardless of when the day falls.
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