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    Question Is Ruby-on-Rails needed on Win hosting?

    Have some question about Ruby-on-Rails.
    We've searched the web and discovered that it's offered only at
    Linux-based hosting. Windows installation is also possible, however
    nobody provides RoR on Wibndows. We just thought what if offer RoR for
    our Windows users as well? Any ideas, experience?
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    It might work on Windows, but as there's a lot of CLI stuff I can't see it working as well, so I doubt if there's much demand for it
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  3. We've had little or no requests for support of Ruby on Windows as of yet but I'm sure it'll come at some point. Maybe you should be one of the first to offer it? - Anything to be different ;-)
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    I don't believe it's ready for prime time just yet on windows. You can get it running but it's not going to be be anywhere near ready for production. Google ruby on windows and you should find a few walkthroughs on how to get it up and running. I'd concentrate on ASP,, PHP and PERL on windows and just let Ruby on Windows grow some.
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  5. And that's what most hosts will do I'm sure. You do sometimes see some good things from the few hosts that like to be the first to offer new serives like .net 2 when it was in beta, etc..
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