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    Most affordable storage system for photo-sharing website


    does anyone have experience setting up big storage system for photo-sharing/videos or similar website?

    This for example is not affordable for many -

    Im talking about 20 - 40TB system.

    Any ideas?

    thank you

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    Are you talking about a dedicated or colo'ed solution?
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    I would deff go for colo if you have the chance here... If you go for normal dedicated hosting, then you'll have a hard time finding anyone who can provide you with more than 750 gig per hdd (thats the biggest at softlayer atm), which means you'd need a bunch of servers set up o.O

    You're sure that you need to go this big?
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    Im talkin about dedicated system. Currently we have 8 machines and 2 storage machines. But our current storage system is not easily expandable.

    What would be good solutions?

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    Maybe you should consider having a storage server (NAS) along with a webserver frontend. Go with colo and buy an affordable storage server from Dell or elsewhere. There are many expandable solutions available.

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