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Thread: VPS and forum

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    VPS and forum

    I need a VPS for my forum but i'm not sure which package should I choose since I've heard storiest how forum owners having problem with VPS with regards to memory/cpu usage.

    My forums is currently having around 50 concurrent users. As of right now, I dont have any budget as I need to be sure of the resources needed to run the forum smoothly in VPS

    Could anybody suggest me on choosing the right VPS package?

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    Hi Amirul,

    What kind of environment is your forum currently hosted on? Based on the usage there, we should be able to give you some more detailed advice.

    50 concurrent users really shouldn't be a problem for a small to medium sized VPS. I'd say 384mb ram is probably sufficient - you could always upgrade later if you need more.

    It also really depends on what kind of scripts you use, how well they're coded, and how well you configure your VPS. The configuration of your webserver and mysql (optimization) can also make a big difference. If you don't know how to do that yourself, then it's probably a good idea to get a managed VPS.

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    If you use CPanel + A Forum, let me tell you, 512MB of Ram is the *Minimum*
    that you will need.

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    Use Plesk or something else then, since cPanel rapes memory.

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    Plesk is a much better CP anyway.. and if it is V8 upwards, do choose Centos version as well.
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    I'm still used to CPanel

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    Cpanel is the best one among the other control panels IMO.

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    I use VPS for my phpBB forum with daily peaks at 50~60 (sometimes even 70) concurrent visitors. I have 512 guaranteed RAM. So far so good.

    I use phpBB script version 2.0.21, PHP5, MySQL 4.1.x.

    Use Plesk, not cPanel. It eats less RAM.

    I assume you use a popular forum script with PHP+MySQL combo. Unless necessary, stick with MySQL 4.1.x.

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    I use knownhost vps for my simple machines forum with daily peaks at 85-105, Have 384mb guaranteed but at this peak time it uses 400+mb of ram so im eating a bit of burst ram.

    I use plesk 8.1, It is fast always and the peak times are just for about 1-2 hours and not everyday, the normal at any time is 50-60 users and it sits down on 300mbRAM. The forum is pretty active so it also uses a lot of mailing to the users with some threads subscriptions.

    I also installed eaccelerator on the server and it helped a bit. So i agree 384mbRAM as Apoc told you.

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