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    Need a dedi for Direct Connect hub

    I am looking for a dedicated server to host a direct connect hub.

    Europe based with good speeds to Sweden is a plus.
    Support that can answer a ticket in 24 hour or less, or some kind of rescue reboot system works just as well in lack of support.

    A speed test file, so i can comfirm that the speeds to my home location is good enough Telia ISP Sweden. (so o can transfer files to/from the server without hassle to much)

    As much bw as possible.
    no less than 1024 mb RAM

    No more than 150$ a month, unless it is something really extra.
    can prepay up to three months if needed.

    Thankful for any suggestions.


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    41 could be an option...
    Johan Holst Nielsen
    Freelance PHP Developer

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