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    Gain traffic to your site!! Manual Submission to 75 PR4+ directories for just $7.50!

    Dear WHT Community,

    I am offering to manually submit your website to 75 SEO friendly websites with a google page rank between PR4 - PR8. This will generate lots of inbound links and increase targeted traffic to your site/buisness, and it will also increase your popularity on the search engines.

    You can consider this a one time fee of just $0.10 per PERMANENT inbound link!

    Here is the breakdown:

    PR8 - 1
    PR7 - 3
    PR6 - 8
    PR5 - 23
    PR4 - 40

    We will submit your site to FREE, NON-RECRIPROCAL (you dont have to link back to them) directories. Search engines spider these sites frequently so your links will show up in the search engines fast.

    We do this all within 48 hour turnaround time!

    If you would like to signup please email the following details, and send paypal payment to grk519[at]

    1) Please advise of at least three (3) categories you would like your website to appear in. (IE: web hosting, cooking recipies, etc..)
    2) Description and title (including keywords) of your website.
    3) Submitters Name (Name we should use for submission)
    4) Submitters Email (Email you would like to use for the submission, to recieve acceptance email from the directory, etc..)
    5) Address, City, State/County, Country, Zip Code and Phone numbers for submissions. Directories use this information for displaying companies/websites based on various regions.

    Other Notes:

    1) Some directories require confirmation before you are approved, you will need to approve these emails in order to confirm your submission.

    2) When sending paypal payment, please note your username and domain name that you sent in the email.

    3) We will send you a confirmation email when your order has been approved. (Usually within a couple hours)

    Questions? Concerns? grk519 at

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    email sent

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    Thanks for all the replies and emails, they have all been responded to sorry for the delay.

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