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    how many cpu threads can win 2K3 web have?


    I just installed Windows 2K3 web on a dual xeon (hyperthreading).

    When I check out the cpu threads in the "task manager", it only shows 2 cpu threads.

    I have always installed win 2K3 std and it shows the 4 cpu threads. So my question is weather the web edition will only show the 2 cpu threads or am I missing something.

    thanks for the help


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    you should see 4 HT threads under the System Information since windows 2003 web edition utilizes 2 sockets (dual xeon single core).
    If you have a dual xeon dual core then you will see 8 HT threads.
    Since windows 2003, the licensing on the number of cpus are based on the number of sockets.
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    Make sure HT is enabled in the BIOS. Get cpu-z if all else fails.

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