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    LunarPages vs. HostDime

    Hi all,

    Wow. I'm hopeful that this website can help me. In the last 48 hours I have received a rude welcome into the world of web hosting company sales.

    From a friend's advice, I got my domain names from It went fine. Then I decided apparently to get STUPID and get web hosting from them too. WOW. What a terrible experience. Very confusing sales, and terribly inconsistent tech support advice. 48 hours ago, I could barely tell you the difference between uptime and PHP... and even I knew it when tech support was incompetent.

    I looked around for as much legitimate advice as possible, and I've narrowed down my two choices to LunarPages and HostDime.

    Does anybody have experience with these two companies? Any advice appreciated. My needs are e-commerce related, PHP, mySQL...


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    598 seems to be doing fine with me

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    I've used LunarPages in the past and I think they are one of the good place for someone who need lots of assistance or who would like to learn in a friendly forum.

    If you want private follow ups from the host, you may want to choose more expensive smaller host who is posting a lot in WHT.
    It's the sign they have more time to assist you than other larger hosts.
    They may treat you even better if you post reviews of them, and revise it with any good/bad experiences.

    You may want to read this thread to understand the coded languages of some hosts in WHT.

    Good luck.

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    I'd go with lunarpages, but honestly anything besides 1&1 is going to be an upgrade for you. Also make sure you tell your friend to stop recommending them and prevent others from being hurt
    A Collection of Web Hosts
    Small biographies on hosts, uptime reports and some reviews
    Feel free to add your review or add a host that isn't on the list.

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    hi. lunarpages is ok. still not that much value for money.
    you may as well consider, bluehost, ******, ixwebhosting, anhosting, hostaga as well. in comparing, these hosting features is +- better

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    you may as well consider, bluehost, ******, ixwebhosting, anhosting, hostaga as well
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    My recommendation to you would be to read reviews about each host here on WHT. That may help you toward your decision!

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    One thing that bothers me about Lunar Pages is that they have a *per month* surcharge on each domain after the first two. If it wasnt for that, I'd probably be with them now instead of continuing to look and ponder.

    Not looking to be a big reseller or anything. Heck if they made that a limit of four or five without the surcharge I'd go with them

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    Few links of reviews on both companies.

    If you do not mind me asking, what are your requirements? and your budget?

    I would highly recommend that you read

    Do your research before choosing a company, Best of luck!

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    I would agree with the others, look for reviews on each provider and choose the company you think you would be happier with. Go with your gut after reading reviews that will more than likely be the best bet
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    One thing that bothers me about Lunar Pages is that they have a *per month* surcharge on each domain after the first two.
    It's one of the little things that helps them keep average usage in check. It's anot all bad news, as while it does make them relatively more expensive for those who have more than a couple of websites, it does also mean that many of the ones who use more, pay more, and the servers can be a bit less loaded/more stable/faster. At least that's the theory of it.

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    I've been with Lunarpages for 1 years. They have good service and support .
    I would recommend you move to Lunarpages
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    thanks guys!

    thanks for all the input! i think lunarpages is very reasonable, but i agree that perhaps one of the smaller hosts may be able to provide better service, and i'm willing to pay a bit extra for that.


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    I really like LunarPages, as I've said many times before, or I wouldn't use them. The service is good, the bonus are great, and the team is even better.
    What could be better? Some more addon domains. Not unlimited because that could be somewhat hazardous.
    As for HostDime, I never used them, but having read a lot about them here at WHT, some day I will give them a try.
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    I had a website with HostDime for almost 2 years, and never had any problems at all. The only tickets I sent were one was that my site was down for a few minutes and the next thing you know it was up, it was a few months after I joined so I don't remember the details too much, but that it was a very quick response and they solved it fast.

    The second ticket was to cancel my account, nothing to do with them or the service, it was just because I wasn't able to keep up with the site as I had other things going.

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