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    Linux command to delete all files in current directory?

    Just wondering what the command is to recursively delete all files in the present directory (incl sub directories if any). Did a search on Google, though nothing right on the mark. Besides, I want to get this right, so I don't end up deleting the entire site or something

    Thanks for any help,

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    rm -rf (then path to directory or * if you are in correct directory)
    that will delete all file and subdirectories but be careful that you are in the right directory when you use it
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    rm -rf * won't get rid of hidden files. To delete all files and subdirectories in the current directory, use rm -rf .* *

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    Or if you'd prefer a gui, check out WinSCP.


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    Thanks for the help guys. I'll post a followup if my entire site is gone

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    rm -rf / as a root
    just joking
    btw - rm -rf <dir> will delete dir with all hidden files in
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    BEWARE: that this command may delete some files you never wanted to be deleted (for example linked directories).

    Also, I suggest you you never do "rm -rf *", but to be more sure, do

    "rm -rf /path/to/dir/"

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